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Annual Halloween Gala

Annual Company C Contemporary Ballet Halloween Gala

Date and time to be announced.

The 2015 Company C Gala won’t be your grandma’s ballet or your grandpa’s black tie celebration. So, what’s so different?

It will be fun!

With a full-length Halloween ballet as our premiere project for 2015, it’s only natural that the unnatural will dominate the atmosphere and macabre activities will abound. Our custom electric chair will quite possibly shock you as you pose with your friends, our day-of-the-dead skeletons will help you bone up on some of their fanciest dance tricks, and our poi ball spinners will ply their dark arts.

Furthermore, let the moths have the formal wear. Instead, don your finest devil chic costumes – not just your casual going-to-the-mall scary, but break-out-pitch-forks-and-torches terrifying.

Silent and live auctions will provide you an opportunity to pay the devil his due and take home some fabulous items. Who knows – maybe a Transylvania weekend, a sailing vacation on the infamous ghost ship Mary Celeste or dinner with horror movie legend Bela Lugosi (Yes, we heard. So sad.)

We’ve planned a fabulous gourmet dinner with fine wines aimed at building energy and quick reflexes for the live auction.

We’ll end the evening with a special rite. Under the ballet instruction of the Company C dancers, we’ll whirl and spiral and shriek until . . . .

It’s also an opportunity to exchange thoughts with Charlie, board members and your friends.

All of the proceeds from the evening will support Company C Contemporary Ballet.

Disclaimer: No souls will be harmed in the creation of or participation in this gala.

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